Mitogen is production ready exclusively thanks to the careful testing, gracious sponsorship and outstanding future-thinking of its early adopters.

Founded in 1976, CGI is one of the world’s largest IT and business consulting services firms, helping clients achieve their goals, including becoming customer-centric digital organizations.

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To directly apply to a UK team currently using Mitogen, contact us regarding Open Source Developer/DevOps opportunities.

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Seantis GmbH
Secure Third-Party Remote Access for Highly Regulated Industries

Private Sponsors

  • SkunkWerksMitogen on FreeBSD runs like a kid in a candy store: fast & sweet.
  • Donald Clark Jackson — Mitogen is an exciting project, and I am happy to support its development.
  • Niels Hendriks
  • UberspaceShared hosting for command-line lovers

Defenders of Time

  • Icil — Time saving, money saving...phenomenal! Keep going and give us more. We await with anticipation.
  • systemli tech collectiveD.I.Y.

Productivity Lovers

  • Alex Willmer
  • Dan Dorman — - When I truly understand my enemy … then in that very moment I also love him.
  • Daniel Foerster
  • DepsPrivate Maven Repository Hosting for Java, Scala, Groovy, Clojure
  • Edward WilsonTo efficiency and beyond! I wish Mitogen and all who sail in her the best of luck.
  • Epartment
  • Fidy Andrianaivonever let a human do an ansible job ;)
  • rkrzr
  • jgadling
  • John F Wall — Making Ansible Great with Massive Parallelism
  • KennethC
  • Lewis Bellwood — Happy to be apart of a great project.
  • luto
  • Mayeu a.k.a Matthieu Maury
  • @nathanhruby
  • Ramy
  • Scott Vokes
  • Tom Eichhorn
  • Tony Finch
  • Tony Million — Never wear socks and sandles.
  • randy — desperate for automation
  • Michael & Vicky Twomey-Lee
  • Wesley Moore